Tax Planning

With our knowledge of the tax system, you are in safe hands

At Harris Tax, we specialize in taking into account your tax affairs as part of the financial services and solutions we provide to doctors and dentists.

Clients feel reassured that we have not only considered maximizing and protecting their wealth but also taken into account the impact our advice has on their overall tax position. Whether you have complex tax affairs or have specific tax-related goals, we strive to recommend financial products that fit with your strategy.

The key is to make sure that all of your financial affairs are arranged efficiently to minimize tax overall

From our years as specialist advisers, we understand the typical life journey of a doctor or dentist and what is important to them at certain steps along the way. However, one thing we know is important at every step of the journey is keeping tax liabilities to a minimum.

Whether you are one of the many associates and consultants starting off your journey as self-employed, or if you are an established dental practice owner benefiting from lower rates of tax by trading as a limited company, we will carefully help you with suggestions on how to reduce your tax bill at the end of the year in line with robust financial planning methods.

Are you a higher-rate tax payer?

It is likely that in the course of your career, you will fall into a higher-rate tax bracket.

By working with professionals like accountants, you can ensure that your business taxes are looked after and minimized by:

1) Claiming the most expenditure possible against your business income
2) Ensuring you are trading in the most tax-economic structure

Dental & Medical Financial Services compliment the work of an accountant in reducing your tax by the products we recommend.

Some of the areas of tax we cover include:

Inheritance Tax
Income Tax
Capital Gains Tax

While there is of course an obligation by doctors and dentists to pay taxes, some forms of taxation such as Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax can take a larger slice of your assets than is necessary. Our aim is to reduce this wherever possible.